ADC/AGMAT通路及 interferon调控猪围着床期孕体延长和存活机制研究

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主持和参加国家、省市各级鹅研课题30余项,获得科技成果20余项。获吉林省科技进步一等奖1项和二等奖1项,农业部中华农业科技三等奖1项,吉林省自然科学学术成果二等奖2项。发表论文40余篇,其中SCI收录15篇,国际会议论文5篇,副主编教材1部,主参编科普图书10部。曾获江苏省创新团队计划高层次引进人才,吉林省高校科研春苗人才称号。本人现为Society for the Study of Reproduction (SSR)会员,中国畜牧兽医学会会员,吉林省家禽产业技术体系岗位专家。


Peri-implantation conceptus elongation and implantation in pigs is modulated by secretions of the endometrium (histotroph) in response to factors from the ovary (progesterone),  the conceptus (estrogen, IL1β, IFND, IFNG, and TGFβ), and endometrium (TGFβ and FGF7). The endometrial and conceptus genes differentially regulated by those factors encode proteins, which include enzymes, transporters, growth factors, and migration and adhesion factors that act on the endometrium to alter both the composition of histotroph and the apical surface of the uterine LE. In this study, we had analyzed the function of Arginine Decarboxylase (ADC) and Agmatinase (AGMAT): An alternative pathway for synthesis of polyamines in pig conceptuses and uteri; Interferon Gamma (IFNG) and Interferon Delta (IFND) Support Peri-Implantation Conceptus Elongation and Survival in Pigs.


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